What is ENGAGE 2.0

ENGAGE brings supervisors and team members together monthly to have meaningful professional development conversations. These conversations provide an opportunity to help team members improve in their current role and position themselves for future success. This is all about helping each other get better individually and in our teams.

A Message from the Governor

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Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard
Service Point Manager, MDA

"ENGAGE 2.0 allows all employees to voice their opinion."

Jacob Fleig

Jacob Fleig
Program Coordinator, MDA

"The ENGAGE 2.0 process provides a straightforward way for both supervisors and teammates to provide honest feedback about performance and expectations."

Jennifer Jenkins-McDermed

Jennifer Jenkins-McDermed
Associate Director, DMH

"ENGAGE 2.0 helped me to more closely identify the strengths and possible areas of improvement for the people I supervise."

Derek Duncan

Derek Duncan
Grain Inspector, MDA

"Engage 2.0 helped my supervisor and I work better together, helping to make our service point even better."

Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams
Grain Inspection Supervisor, MDA

"I found ENGAGE 2.0 to be very simple and straightforward process...encourages more candid and honest feedback from both the supervisor and the employee."

Kelly Griffon

Kelly M. Griffon
Vendor Services Coordinator/Provider Relations, DMH

"Super easy to navigate...with ENGAGE 2.0, the State of MO has finally become invested in the career development of its employees."

Upward Feedback

Thoughts to consider when providing upward feedback.

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