Coaching is essential for new and seasoned staff alike.

We are here to help!

Please join us for a one-time training discussion dedicated to supporting new supervisors through the State of Missouri coaching culture and ENGAGE 2.0 best practices. You can register for the 1-hour session below! 

There is also a new MOLearning pathway dedicated to coaching training for supervisors! You can find the Learning Path below!

Lead Others

Learn new skills, build trust, and harness the power of coaching to create high performing teams.

  • A team leader motivates personnel to reach goals, meet expectations, and excel in their positions.

  • Leadership creates and manages the workplace environment, culture, and sense of belonging.

  • An employee’s experience with an organization can be dependent on the leadership.

  • Coaching provides an opportunity to course correct employee work performance in a positive and supportive manner.

  • An employee can be developed to be high-achieving with proper coaching.

  • A leader can create a highly efficient and effective team through intentional staff coaching, development, and support.