The Talent Development team gathered feedback from agency meetings, live training surveys, and word-of-mouth to bring you the revamped 2023 Learning Framework! The theme for calendar year 2023 is “Fostering a Sense of Belonging through Learning.” All themes in the new calendar were suggested by our learners, leaders, and team members. Happy learning!

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The Learning Framework ties content from the Missouri Way, Operational Excellence, MO Learning, and other outside sources to create an in-depth learning experience. Anyone can use the Learning Framework, and we have color coded the content to make it easy. Use the orange column if you are a supervising leader, dark blue for all leaders, and light blue for non-supervising leaders. Types of content vary from videos and articles to podcasts and activities. Supervisors, the Learning Framework content is an excellent way to meet your Leadership Development Rule hours! Check out the thumbnails below for blog posts and monthly calendars. You can also find the live training content below.

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Welcome to a new year of learning! Last year, we introduced the […]
Last month we learned the importance of belonging in the workplace. In […]

live training series

January 2023 Presentation – Sense of Belonging with Tom Joseph

Event Title: Sense of Belonging
Event Date/Time: Thursday, January 26th from 9 am to 10 am 
Additional Information: In January, Tom Joseph, Senior Talent Development Specialist with the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel, will give a presentation on sense of belonging. This will be an interactive presentation focused on establishing psychological safety and fostering belonging on your teams. What is psychological safety or belonging, and why should we care? Join Tom for this presentation to find out why it is integral in each of our roles.
Facilitated by: Tom Joseph, Senior Talent Development Specialist with the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel

This presentation was not recorded and is not available.

December 2022 Presentation – Rapid Improvements Roundtable Discussion with OpEx Leaders

Event Title: Rapid Improvements Roundtable Discussion with OpEx Leaders
Event Date/Time: Wednesday, December 21st, 2022 from 1 pm – 2 pm 
Additional Information: In December, various OpEx leaders will host a Rapid Improvements Roundtable Discussion. Join us for a discussion on how different agencies have used various skills, methods, and resources to focus on Rapid Improvements.
Facilitated by: Various OpEx Leaders

Find the recording here

November 2022 Presentation – Customer Experience: The Basics with Rebecca Moyers

Event Title: Customer Experience: The Basics
Event Date/Time: N/A
Additional Information: In November, Rebecca Moyers, Director of Citizen Engagement with the Office of Administration, will present on Customer Experience: The Basics. Have you ever wodnered what the difference is between customer service and customer experience? Have you been tasked with tracking and/or improving your customer satisfaction? Do you know who your customers are? If you have found yourself trying to answer these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! During this session, we will spend time defining the customer experience, learning ways to understand it, how it is impacted by the work you do every day, and how to start a plan for improvement.
Facilitated by: Rebecca Moyers, Director of Citizen Engagement with the Office of Administration

Find the recording here

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