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In January we launched the new professional development guide that introduces a learning topic each month in 2022. This month’s topic is ‘Intrinsic Motivation’ which focuses on finding what motivates you. In September, highlight the importance of harnessing the power of internal motivation to drive lasting positive change. So what is intrinsic motivation? The University of Rochester defines it as "performing a task because it is personally rewarding to you," whereas extrinsic motivation is something that comes from other forces, such a being rewarded at work. An example of intrinsic motivation is providing and receiving positive feedback. One aspect of motivation that Rochester highlights is that intrinsic motivation tends be long-term and helps you complete tasks in a way that makes you feel fulfilled. In a recent study published through the National Library of Medicine, authors Di Domenico and Ryan explained that intrinsic motivation "refers to the spontaneous tendency 'to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise one's capacity, to explore, and to learn.'" In fact, intrinsically motivated people participate in events and activities because they find them to be "interesting and inherently satisfying." This month, we invite you to work with your supervisors, team members, and peers to find what intrinsically motivates you, and how you can further your work in that area. Find projects and tasks that fulfill you, and make you want to engage in your work and the workplace. Not sure where to start? Use the 2022 Learning Framework on MO Learning for tailored content to get started! The new 2022 Learning Framework was developed by State team members, for State team members. Each month, we will highlight a new topic, one directly related to The Missouri Way Training Series. These trainings, along with ENGAGE conversation topics, live educational opportunities, and additional learning resources, are combined into one comprehensive package. While participation is optional, our goal is to provide just the right amount of education so supervisors can meet their LDR goals, and all team members can meet their individual educational goals.