What is MO Cred?

We are excited to launch a new platform for team member appreciation, recognizing your learning, skills, and achievements in a meaningful way. The State of Missouri has partnered with Accredible to bring you MO Cred. All executive branch team members are eligible to receive digital badges and certificates. This new opportunity is an incredible way to highlight your commitment to professional development, personal growth, and public service. MO Cred is all about distinguishing and celebrating YOU! YOU are our most important resource! 

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Your responses to the Quarterly Pulse Survey highlighted team member appreciation and recognition as a priority. Watch this video to learn more about the exciting new things coming your way!

frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to participate in MO Cred?

Team members across all 16 executive branch agencies will have the opportunity to receive a virtual badge through MO Cred. Each agency Human Resources team will have more information on badge fulfillment requirements.

Where did MO Cred come from?

Through the Quarterly Pulse Survey, team members told us that appreciation needs to be a priority. The launch of MO Cred is one of many new initiatives to increase team member appreciation (another example is MOAppreciation.mo.gov). MO Cred also allows the State of Missouri to introduce innovative technology to bring team member recognition to a new level, accredit our ongoing training programs, and compete with other industries.

Why digital badging?

Our team members must have the opportunity to share their learning, skills, and achievements in a meaningful way that engages them in today’s virtual world. Digital badging offers an innovative approach to obtain, share, and verify credentials to peers, supervisors, and social media. Through this initiative, you can easily showcase your commitment to professional development, personal growth, and public service.

What other industries use digital badging?

Digital badging has become commonplace across many industries over the last decade. You can now find universities, private sector companies, and all levels of government entities investing in badging software.

How long do I have access to my digital badge?

Once you earn your digital badge, you will keep it for life. Changing positions or leaving the State will not impact the badges you have received. If you leave State employment, you will not be eligible to receive future or in-progress badges.

How do I share my digital badge?

From your digital wallet, you can share to various social media sites, add to your email signature, or share your link directly with others.

As a team member, am I required to participate in MO Cred?

No. If you earn a digital badge and do not wish to participate, you can disregard the email you received notifying you of the achievement.

How many digital badges can I receive?

There is no limit to the number of digital badges you can receive. You must fulfill a badge’s requirements to have it issued.

There are designated staff to assist you with many digital badging questions, such as those below:

-What digital badges exist?

-Who decides when someone has fulfilled the requirements to earn a digital badge?

-I’m having trouble accessing my digital badge. Who do I contact?

-I completed the posted requirements for a digital badge but have not received it. Who do I contact for help?

-What initiatives will be tied to digital badging?

-I have an idea for a digital badge we can implement. Who do I tell?

   *Participating agencies have designated a point of contact. Ask your HR representative for contact information. The Office of                     Administration Division of Personnel oversees the creation and issuing of statewide digital badges. You may contact them                       at  TalentDevelopment@oa.mo.gov.

Do team members have to pay to participate in or receive a digital badge through MO Cred?

There is no cost for team members to participate in or receive a digital badge through MO Cred. Team members need to complete posted requirements to obtain individual digital badges.

How long do I need to work for the State of Missouri to be eligible for a digital badge?

There is no tenure requirement to be eligible for MO Cred participation. Team members need to complete posted requirements to obtain individual digital badges.

What is the process of receiving a digital badge?

Once you have completed posted digital badge requirements, the administrator (agency or statewide) will issue the badge within 30 days. It will be sent to your work email address. From there, you will have access to the digital wallet.

What is my digital wallet?

Your digital wallet is home to the badges you’ve received from the State of Missouri. From here, you can share your learning, skills, and achievements to social media. The digital wallet serves as a quick, on-the-go means of accessing your badge archive.

What happens if I change agencies?

You can add your new email address in your digital wallet. This will allow you to retain the previous digital badges you have received as well as start earning digital badges at your new agency.

I want to learn more about digital badging or Accredible.

Please visit www.Accredible.com for more information on digital badging or to further review the software.